Rubbish and Yard Waste Removal Services in Winnipeg

Yard work and landscaping can leave you with a huge amount of rubbish to remove, and often this material is not suitable for composting or your garbage bin. Dead leaves, tree trimmings and hedge clippings can add up to a mountain of rubbish that requires the help of a professional rubbish removal expert, such as Kelly’s Pickup.

Kelly’s Pickup provides homeowners in Winnipeg with affordable rubbish removal services. We’ve been serving Winnipeg and the surrounding rural areas for over 20 years, and provide a familiar and friendly option for you to have your rubbish picked up for a competitive price.

We’ll load all of your unwanted materials, and even mix in whatever else you need to get rid of on your property, should you require it. Often we find that homeowners call us to remove certain items, but end up finding a whole lot more unwanted items to get rid of while we are there. If this is the case, we promise to treat you right when it comes to charging you for removing these additional items.

If you are looking for affordable rubbish removal in Winnipeg, Kelly’s Pickup is your best choice. We provide fast service and can accommodate your most ambitious rubbish removal task! Contact Kelly’s Pickup service today for your no obligation estimate on your next rubbish removal requirements.

Kelly’s Pickup is a full service junk removal and garbage pick up business serving Winnipeg and the surrounding rural areas. Providing reliable and competitively priced junk and garbage pickup / hauling services has earned us a solid reputation with our clients over the last 20 years. Read more about Kelly's Pickup - Garbage and Junk Removal Junk Removal | Garbage Pick up | Trash Collection