Renovation Debris Hauling

Renovations often produce ample garbage which includes plaster, wood, and other building materials, which adds up to a giant mess. And, if the complexities of renovations and demolition were not enough, the disposal of the waste materials caused by a renovation can also be a burden.

Let Kelly’s Pickup deal with the excess debris caused by your renovation. We’ll provide cost effective, professional garbage hauling services for all of your renovation garbage and unwanted materials so you can concentrate on the renovation, not the debris cleanup and removal.

Kelly’s Pickup provides junk hauling, garbage removal, and debris and rubbish pickup of virtually any kind and serves the entire city of Winnipeg, and surrounding areas. If you are in need of affordable pickup of your unwanted materials / rubbish and debris caused by your home or business renovation, contact us today.

Kelly’s Pickup has been serving Winnipeg and surrounding municipals for over 20 years, and continues to be a preferred choice by residents and business alike. Call Kelly’s Pickup to learn more about our junk hauling, debris cleanup, and garbage removal services.