Winnipeg Trash Removal Services

If you are looking for trash removal services in Winnipeg, consider Kelly’s Pickup. We provide a full range of affordable trash and garbage removal services for residents in and around the city of Winnipeg. We’ve been helping folks get rid of their trash / garbage for over 20 years and continue to provide cost effective and reliable trash removal services, among many other pickup services to our valued customers.

When your trash is too big or you simply have too much of it, call Kelly’s Pickup. Often we accumulate trash and garbage from cleanups, renovations, and moving that far exceeds what would typically fit in trash cans or a garbage. That’s when you need to hire an independent garbage removal service such as Kelly’s Pickup to help remove it.

We are equipped for all types of trash removal, and can take on your most ambitious garbage removal project. Call Kelly’s Pickup today at 204-294-8626 for all of your trash removal services in Winnipeg and the surrounding rural areas.