Scrap Pickup Services by Kelly’s Pickup

Scrap pickup services by Kelly’s Pickup includes picking up virtually all types of unwanted scrap materials. We will pick up scrap appliances and scrap metal from residential and commercial properties by request. If you require scrap pickup in Winnipeg, or the surrounding area, call Kelly’s Pickup today at 204-294-8626.

We’ll safely remove and dispose of your scrap materials using the most environmentally friendly methods. In some cases, disposing of certain materials may require special permits, please contact us for further information.

Often, much of the scrap that we pick up is recyclable. This is usually a win – win situation for us and the customer because it reduces or eliminates the cost of the scrap pick up based on the estimated scrap metal worth.

If you require scrap pickup in Winnipeg or the surrounding areas, look no further than Kelly’s Pickup. With over 20 years of experience and affordable pricing, we can cost effectively provide you with scrap pick up. Call us today at 204-294-8626 for a free scrap pick up estimate.