Affordable Junk Removal Company in Winnipeg

If you require removal of junk, garbage, debris, or other unwanted materials from your property or worksite, Kelly’s Pickup can help. We provide affordable junk removal services for residents and businesses in and around the city of Winnipeg. View our complete list of removal services and our service areas.

Finding the right junk removal company that will reliably pickup your junk, etc. on time and on budget can be a challenge. Since we’ve been helping Winnipeggers’ for over 20 years, and have earned a reputation for affordable prices and great customer service, we make it easy for you to choose us.

We regularly remove all types of unwanted materials from both residential and commercial properties. Typically, we can be found hauling away old appliances, renovation debris, and yard waste. Another popular reason we get hired is to remove garbage and unwanted items after a major cleanout or an estate cleanup.

When you think of cost effective junk hauling services in Winnipeg, we want you to think Kelly’s Pickup. We provide full service garbage removal services and much more to help you get rid of unwanted materials from your home or business. We even provide weekly or monthly garbage pickup services for those without regular garbage pickup, contact us today to learn more.