Winnipeg Estate Cleanup Services

Kelly’s Pickup offers estate cleanup services for the entire Winnipeg, and surrounding area. If you require the services of a professional and affordable estate cleanup company, look no further than Kelly’s Pickup for removal of all unwanted items in the estate.

We’ll discreetly and efficiently remove everything that is unwanted on the estate, or as directed by the client. Furthermore, we’ll ensure that the work is done in a timely manner, and at an optimal time. Kelly’s Pickup is fully insured and complies with all local disposal bi-laws to ensure our clients peace of mind.

Our estate cleanup services are considered very competitive and best of all, there are no surprises. We will provide a free written estimate before any of the garbage cleanup begins and you’ll also get a chance to ask any questions about our services you may have prior to the cleanup.

Arranging our estate cleanup services is as easy as calling or emailing us. Contact us today to schedule a no obligation estate cleanup estimate, or to learn more about our estate cleanup services.