Winnipeg Waste / Garbage Removal Services

Looking for waste removal services in Winnipeg? Kelly’s Pickup has over 20 years serving Winnipeg and the surrounding area and is here to help. We provide affordable waste removal of all types of materials for both residential and commercial clients.

It’s easy to accumulate enough waste, rubbish, or garbage on your property to require professional removal services to help you haul it away. Renovations, clean-ups, or yard work often produces enough material to warrant a load that won’t fit in your typical trash cans or roll-out bin.

Another popular reason to hire professional junk / pickup services is to haul away old appliances that have been sitting around for years, or perhaps the ones that you recently upgraded. Disposing of appliances in a safe and environmental friendly way is assured when you hire Kelly’s Pickup service.

If you live in Winnipeg, or the surrounding rural area, contact Kelly’s Pickup for all of your waste removal services. We’ll provide you fast and efficient waste removal services at an affordable price.