Winnipeg Junk Removal Services

If you have junk removal requirements of any sort, whether it’s after a spring cleanup, estate sale, home renovations, or for any other reason, call Kelly’s Pickup for fast and efficient pickup services. We provide cost effective junk removal services for all types of unwanted materials for a competitive price.

Don’t settle for just any junk removal service, because often you’ll be surprised by the pricing variations that you’ll receive. Some charge by the hour, tonnage, or whatever they want. At Kelly’s pickup, we’ll provide you an upfront quote on the amount based on a combination of the time and distance it will take, and let you know of any additional costs should there be any.

Kelly’s Pickup is among the most preferred option for junk pickup in Winnipeg, and surrounding areas. Often, once someone uses our junk removal service, they become our regular clients, and share their praise for our services with their friends and family.

We pride ourselves on providing affordable junk removal services for the Winnipeg area, and are only a phone or email call away. For a no obligation quote on your junk removal needs, please contact us today to get started!